first of all we’d like to thank you that you made it possible for us to create and build the Moitessier HAT. We were overwhelmend by the huge interest on the HAT from you, right after its release. Planned and engineered by our talented engineer Thomas, the HAT would still not exist, if there was no OpenPlotter/Openmarine platform, maintained and founded by Sailoog, who strongly encouraged us to develop the HAT and gave us loads of support. Soon, a second and improved version of the HAT followed. Not only did we add some convenience features, such as the shutdown button, we also created a new partnership with an excellent Austrian PCB manufacturer. With this new partner we could take the process of production and quality control to a new and better level. In fact, there was such a huge demand on the Moitessier HAT 2 that we reached our production goals in only half of the estimated time.

Things changes, and so did the world, literally, and also we.

It was a hard decision to make. But we decided to discontinue our primary efforts in developing and building the Moitessier HAT. We just do not have the time and ressources any more to fulfill the requirements that we have on our product, on ourselves and to meet your justified expectations on us in supporting you. Don’t stop reading here.

Like OpenPlotter, Rooco’s Moitessier HAT is open source. Or more, it should become open source. Until now, we did not manage to publish all parts of the HAT (some parts of the software, no hardware) to complete the migration to open source. We do not want to let off the HAT. That’s why we want to do this now, make Moitessier HAT open source. This means, our tasks for the near future are to publish all related source code (firmware and linux drivers) and the blueprints for the PCB. We will keep you up-to-date on any progress on this project.

If You are a Customer

For those of you who already own a HAT: We will keep all services online as long as someone else would take over maintainership for the project.

Interested in Producing the HAT?

However, it’s hardly possible to assemble the HAT’s PCB at home, not to speak of the high costs of producing a single PCB. Building these kind of PCBs only makes sense in higher quantities. We search for a company that wants to continue building the HAT. Co-operation and support with us and OpenPlotter/Openmarine is ensured. With openmarine.net you have a partner for worldwide distribution, backed by a great community of sailors, skippers and enthusiasts as well.

Interested? Please, get in touch with us.

So long, thank you for your attention. Please, use, support and spread OpenPlotter.



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