Moitessier HAT

Raspberry Pi HAT for OpenPlotter

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Future of Moitessier HAT

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please, read our statement about the future of Moitessier HAT.


Rooco's plans with Moitessier HAT

Full, open-source marine navigation features for the Raspberry Pi. And even better: Our device is officially supported by OpenPlotter – the open-source sailing platform for ARM computers.
Open-Source Navigation
Officially supported by the open-source sailing platform for ARM computers


High sensitivity
Dual channel AIS receiver with SMA antenna connector with a sensitivity better than -112 dBm.

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High performance
GNSS receiver with integrated patch antenna and external antenna support via BNC connector.

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Currently sold out!

The Moitessier HAT is currently sold out. Our distributor is

Built with passion – and high quality
The Moitessier HAT contains all the basic features to turn your Raspberry Pi which runs OpenPlotter into a complete marine navigation system.

Awesome – we hope you’ll like it too!


The Moitessier HAT is currently sold out. Check Openmarine’s Online Shop.


We have prepared a quick installation guide.

You can see it here: Quick Installation Guide

Also OpenPlotter has a good documentation for how to install the HAT: OpenPlotter Docs

Ready to go.

Please, tell us what you think about the Moitessier HAT. We encourage you to send any feedback or inquiries via email or contact form. For public review we suggest to write your review on our product review page or directly at our Google business idendity.

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Raspberry Pi Case for Moitessier HAT 2

Everything in its right place. The Rooco Raspberry Pi Moitessier Casing 2 has been designed to securely fit your Raspberry Pi 4 with attached Moitessier HAT 2. Makes your perfect OpenPlotter platform complete!

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Our Plans with Moitessier HAT

Hi, first of all we'd like to thank you that you made it possible for us to create and build the Moitessier HAT. We were overwhelmend by the huge interest on the HAT from you, right after its release. Planned and engineered by our talented engineer Thomas, the HAT...

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Rooco Limited Warranty

Rooco warrants that the Moitessier HAT (and Moitessier HAT 2, or generally "HAT") will be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment of the HAT to you, the Customer. In the event of a defect covered by this limited...

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Using the Raspberry Pi 4 with VNC

The Raspberry Pi 4 can be used without monitor in headless mode. To access the Desktop remote via VNC you need to proceed as follows.   Enable the VNC server sudo raspi-config VNC can be enabled in the menu Interface Options --> VNC Change the boot...

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