Rooco’s plans with Moitessier HAT


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Questions and AnswersCategory: Moitessier HATRooco’s plans with Moitessier HAT
Christian Staff asked 3 years ago

please, see our statement here:
Thank you,

Benjamin B replied 3 years ago

I suspect there are others like me in the maritime community who are very interested in seeing the open source documentation for the Moitessier Hat.
If you’re willing, I’d encourage you to release as much from the original ECAD as possible. Blueprints of PCBs are great, but editable schematics, netlists, board files (and DRC rules etc) offer a real jump start.

Linnvald Skagen replied 3 years ago

Moitessier hat 3 i hope its coming soon.
I really like to try this.
73 de LA4YMA

phongkham hungthinh replied 2 years ago

Thanks you post

Russell Kershaw replied 2 years ago

Hi I’m not a business man so don’t understand why such a great product isn’t viable to continue production?

Anyway I have email every PCB manufacturer I can find in the UK to see if they can help. I guess you’ve probably done this and more but you never know i guess?

Kind regards


PS if you have any lying around please contact me thx!!

2 Answers
Gert answered 3 years ago

I am very interested in this project. Also willing to help/support setting up the open source project and anything related to this interesting product.

hugen answered 3 years ago

I can provide full support for the development and production of the Moitessier HAT, please contact me if you would like me to provide support for this project.


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