Precompiled Packages

We provide ready-to-install .deb packages for major kernel releases of Raspbian Buster. Please, select the package that fits to your kernel version.


Installation via Command Line

sudo dpkg -i package_name.deb

Latest Downloads

Current Moitessier Driver Version: 2.2.2. See release notes.

Raspbian Buster on Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi 4

We have put together the kernel drivers for Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi 4 into one versatile package. Now, you can install the same package on either systems.

Firmware Version Kernel Version Published Package
3.0.0. 5.15.30 22/04/07 Bullseye (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_1.20220328_bullseye_5.15.30_3.0.0_armhf.deb, checksum
2.2.2 5.10.103 22/04/02 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_1.20220308_buster_5.10.103_2.2.2_armhf.deb, checksum
2.2.2 5.10.63 21/11/12 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_1.20211007_5.10.63_2.2.2_armhf.deb, checksum
2.2.2 5.10.63 21/10/04 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_1.20210928_5.10.63_2.2.2_armhf.deb, checksum
2.2.2 5.10.60 21/09/13 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_1.20210831_5.10.60_2.2.2_armhf.deb, checksum
2.2.2 5.10.52 21/08/11 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_1.20210727_5.10.52_2.2.2_armhf.deb, checksum
2.2.2 5.10.17 21/04/30 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_1.20210430-1_5.10.17_2.2.1_armhf.deb, checksum
2.2.1 5.10.17 21/04/30 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_1.20210430-1_5.10.17_2.2.1_armhf.deb, checksum
2.2.1 5.10.17 21/03/04 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_1.20210303-1_5.10.17_2.2.1_armhf.deb, checksum
2.2.1 5.10.11 21/02/08 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_1.20210201-1_5.10.11_2.2.1_armhf.deb, checksum
2.2.0 5.4.83 21/01/12 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_1.20210104-1_5.4.83_2.2.0_armhf.deb, checksum
2.2.0 5.4.79 20/12/07 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_1.20201126-1_5.4.79_2.2.0_armhf.deb, checksum
2.2.0 5.4.72 20/11/01 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_1.20201022-1_5.4.72_2.2.0_armhf.deb, checksum
2.1.1 5.4.51 20/08/14 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_1.20200811-1_5.4.51_2.1.1_armhf.deb, checksum
2.1.0 5.4.51 20/07/24 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_1.20200723-1_5.4.51_2.1.0_armhf.deb, checksum
2.1.0 5.4.51 20/07/23 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_1.20200717-1_5.4.51_2.1.0_armhf.deb, checksum
2.1.0 4.19.118 20/07/17 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_4.19.118_2.1.0_armhf.deb, checksum
Special instructions see: Temporary fix for kernel 4.19.118
1.9.0 4.19.97 20/04/15 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_4.19.97_1.9.0_armhf.deb, checksum
1.8.1 4.19.97 20/03/16 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_4.19.97_1.8.1_armhf.deb, checksum
1.7.0 4.19.97 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_4.19.97_1.7.0_armhf.deb, checksum
1.5.1 4.19.97 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_4.19.97_1.5.1_armhf.deb, checksum
1.5.1 4.19.93 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_4.19.93_1.5.1_armhf.deb, checksum
1.4.1 4.19.93 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_4.19.93_1.4.1_armhf.deb, checksum
1.4.0 4.19.75 Buster (Pi3, Pi4): moitessier_4.19.75_1.4.0_armhf.deb, checksum


Raspbian Buster on Raspberry Pi 3 (legacy)

Packages for Raspberry Pi 3 only. These are legacy packages. For up-to-date systems, please use packages listed above under Raspbian Buster on Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi 4.

Package Kernel Version Moitessier Firmware Version
Buster (Pi3 legacy): moitessier_4.19.66_armhf.deb, checksum 4.19.66 1.3.0
Buster (Pi3 legacy): moitessier_4.19.57_armhf.deb, checksum 4.19.57 1.3.0


Raspbian Stretch
Package Kernel Version Moitessier Firmware Version
moitessier_4.19.66_armhf.deb, checksum
If directly updating from 4.14.x do: Install - Reboot - Install again
4.19.66 1.3.0
moitessier_4.19.58_armhf.deb, checksum
If directly updating from 4.14.x do: Install - Reboot - Install again
4.19.58 1.3.0
moitessier_4.19.57_armhf.deb, checksum
If directly updating from 4.14.x do: Install - Reboot - Install again
4.19.57 1.3.0
moitessier_4.19.42_armhf.deb, checksum
Special installation instruction: Install - Reboot - Install again
4.19.42 1.3.0
moitessier_4.14.98_armhf.deb, checksum 4.14.98 1.2.2
moitessier_4.14.79_armhf.deb, checksum 4.14.79 1.2.2

Release Notes


Added support for kernel 5.10.63.


Added support for kernel 5.10.11.


Bug-fix: Some GNSS messages were dropped, due to an initialisation error. Only GSV was processed.

Added support to disable/enable GSV messages.

2.1.1 Bug-fix: TTY driver registration fails on Pi 3 if a major/minor device number is defined. The device number must be automatically assigned by the system since at least kernel 5.4.51.

Temporary fix for kernel version 4.19.118.

Added support for I2C GPIO device detection.


Parameter DO_SHUTDOWN (Moitessier driver) can now be written from user space as well.

Shutdown service supports shutdown and reboot, depending on the value written to DO_SHUTDOWN either by pressing the push button of the Moitessier HAT or writing the value directly via a terminal to the proper sysfs parameter (e.g. for testing purpose).

Minor bug fixes to get rid of some warning during runtime (e.g. "warning: command substitution: ignored null byte in input").

Fixed not proper working shutdown service on some systems.

1.8.1 Moitessier shutdown procedure implemented as systemd service. If the process is killed it will be automatically restarted.

- HAT firmware version 1.6.0

- Added new module parameters to the device driver for testing purpose only

- Revised script for production testing

- Fixed data loss when using the shutdown button


Added support to read GNSS firmware version

HAT firmware version 1.5.0


Added support to enable/disable GNSS NMEA sentences

Added support to enable/disable shutdown button (Moitessier HAT 2 only)


Fix "Raspbian does not boot" (rare cases)

Fixed firmware update process breaks (rare cases)

1.4.1 Fix "System hangs when SPI is disabled"
1.4.0 Add support for shutdown switch (Moitessier HAT 2 only)


All Downloads

You find all pre-compiled .deb packages at our download server

The release directory lists kernel versions at the top level. Each kernel-version directory consists of the moitessier release versions that have been built for the specific kernel version.

Raspbian Buster:

Find Firmware and Drivers for Raspberry Pi Moitessier HAT on GitHub

You will find all related source code on GitHub: Moitessier HAT source code on GitHub

The respository consists of several submodules that include the following:

  • Linux device driver to communicate with the HAT
  • User tools/applications to configure the operation mode and to update the firmware of the HAT
  • Firmware of the HAT microcontroller
  • Device tree and appropriate tools to write the ID EEPROM

Each submodules includes a file for detailed information.