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Tjmack asked 11 months ago

My Moitessier Hat 2 has a shutdown button. However nothing happens when I press it or hold it down. Is there something that needs to be set for the button to be used for shut down?

Christian Freisleder replied 7 months ago

Hello, I do have the same Problem of Not shutting down. Latest driver installed thought. Any ideas?
Best regards

geronius replied 7 months ago

Christian, did you try pressing the button long enough? The service seems to check the button state every 2 seconds, so possibly it missed your short press

Christian Freisleder replied 7 months ago

Yep, pressed it for at least 10 second, nothing Happening.
Cheers Christian

Thomas Staff replied 7 months ago

Hello Christian,
no need to press the button for seconds. However shutdown might be delayed by the Pi itself and this might take some seconds till the Pi executes the shutdown. Keep in mind, that the shutdown only will work properly with the lastest driver package and only the Pi shuts down, the HAT remains in running mode – the green LEDs will flash as usual.
You could check if your system is able to shutdown the Pi at all without pressing the button by calling the command below in a terminal:
echo 2 | sudo tee /sys/module/moitessier/parameters/DO_SHUTDOWN

Does the Pi shutdown executing this command?


2 Answers
Thomas Staff answered 11 months ago

You need to install the latest Moitessier driver. The HAT will shutdown the Pi, however the HAT will continue its operation.

Tjmack replied 11 months ago

Thank you, this now works with a driver upgrade,

geronius answered 8 months ago

Hi Thomas,
while shutting down the Pi is an option for HATv2, moitessier.shutdown.service should not be running for HATv1.
Is there an option to prevent this, apart from manually modifying load_driver_moitessier or deleting moitessier.shutdown.service? These would return in future driver updates

Thomas Staff replied 8 months ago

Are you facing any issue on HAT 1 if this service is running?

geronius replied 8 months ago

No, Thomas, I just stumbled over the shutdown.service (and the related sleep processes) when I started analyzing longtime system behaviour due to limited memory. I hadn’t known about the shutdown feature of HAT 2 before I read this QA. Sorry for the bother. I will try commenting it out in the load_driver_moitessier.


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