ifficulties setting up new moitissier hat


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Questions and AnswersCategory: Moitessier HATifficulties setting up new moitissier hat
Glen Swanson asked 4 years ago
2 Answers
Glen Swanson answered 4 years ago

One problem I seem to have is that the installation guide is not fully up to date with the software, so I’m hunting a bit for corresponding tabs referred to in the manual.
But in particular, with everything installed and software and drivers I believe) up to date, I’m trying to work through section 8.4 <Configuring AIS/GNSS Reception>. I can get into the serial tool, but while I can see the device <virtual Moitessier..>  below on that same screen the option to select <Remember device (by vendor, product, serial)> is greyed out.
Yet in the manual it notes this should be selected for auto configuration.
Would someone have the patience to help walk me through this problem, or piont me towards an updated guide to see if I can get this device up and running?
Thanks, Glen  

Thomas Staff answered 4 years ago

Hello Glen,
the user manual was written for a previous version of OpenPlotter.
I assume that you are using OpenPlotter 2? You will get the proper information at https://openplotter.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html
If this does not help, we could start a TeamViewer session so I could show you how to configure the device.

Glen Swanson replied 4 years ago

Thanks! That worked.
The online guidance was clear and got me sorted out and now Is up and running. I’m working on the boat today so goal is to have the pi/Moitessier communicate with the Raymarine axiom plottter.
Thanks for the support.

Thomas Staff replied 4 years ago

Great that it works now!



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