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Questions and AnswersCategory: Moitessier HATi-would-like-to-connect-1w-and-a-d-inputs-but-i-dont-find-any-pads-for-connecting-devices
Wolfgang Klausing asked 6 years ago
4 Answers
Thomas Staff answered 6 years ago

Hello Wolfgang,
you might solder a header on to your HAT. Then you could access up to 5 pins of the Raspberry Pi (GPIO16, GPIO19, GPIO20, GPIO21, GPIO26).
See chapter 5.1 and 5.2 in the user guide.

Wolfgang Klausing answered 6 years ago

Hello Thomas   Unfortunately the Openplotter documentation is not very clear on 1W and SPI, but usually I would have to connect to MOSI MISO and SPICLK, that are not available. Would it be possible to use a breakout board to access the MOSI MISO and SPICLK together with GPIO07 ? May I configure any GPIO for 1W ? What about pypilot controller, I may use USB, but then I do not have optical isolation.   regards Wolfgang

TorbjornLundahl answered 5 years ago

I have solder cables on the specified GPIO and also tested the connections. Though, I cannot get OpenPlotter to recognise the 1w termometer. Having followed the instructions to change the config.txt file and inserted 
at the end of the file
Any suggestion to get this to work? 

Sailoog replied 5 years ago

replace x by the pin you are using

TorbjornLundahl replied 5 years ago

This worked and I have the 1W temperatur sensor up running which I also can see on the sk diagnostics.

Now I want this external sensor presented on the Dash board AirTemp instead of the integrated sensor. Where do I configure this?

Sailoog answered 5 years ago

What about using something like this?
You will have access to pin 7 (reserved for 1W) and all the SPI pins. Remember that Moitessier HAT uses SPI_CE0_N/GPIO08/pin 24. You will be able to attach Moitessier HAT on top.


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