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Safety Advices

Advices to properly handle your Moitessier HAT device Damage to the device can occur as the result of improper handling or electrostatic discharge (ESD). Always handle the device with care to avoid damage to electrostatically sensitive components.Only handle by the...

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Technical Specification

Supply voltage: 3.135 V min., 3.465 V max. Current consumption: 185 mA Operating temperature range: -20 - 65 °C Dimensions: 69x57 mm Weight: 39g Interface (as seen from Raspberry Pi):  SPI Input Frequency: 161.975 / 162.025 MHz Input Sensitivity: < -112...

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Firmware and Drivers

Find Firmware and Drivers for Raspberry Pi Moitessier HAT on GitHub You will find all related source code on GitHub: Moitessier HAT source code on GitHub The respository consists of several submodules that include the following: Linux device driver to...

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