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Customer Reviews for Moitessier HAT

We try to make things as good as possible. We think that with the Moitessier HAT for OpenPlotter we created a compact and competitive Raspberry Pi HAT with its intended usage as affordable marine navigation aid. We are in continuous contact with the creator of...

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Technical Specification

Supply voltage: 3.135 V min., 3.465 V max. Current consumption: 185 mA Operating temperature range: -20 - 65 °C Dimensions: 69x57 mm Weight: 39g Interface (as seen from Raspberry Pi):  SPI Input Frequency: 161.975 / 162.025 MHz Input Sensitivity: < -112...

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Firmware and Drivers

Find Firmware and Drivers for Raspberry Pi Moitessier HAT on GitHub You will find all related source code on GitHub: Moitessier HAT source code on GitHub The respository consists of several submodules that include the following: Linux device driver to...

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