Moitessier HAT

Full, open-source marine navigation features for the Raspberry Pi, officially supported by OpenPlotter.

Raspberry Pi HAT

The Moitessier HAT is a Raspberry Pi compatible Hardware (“Attached on Top”). Designed for plug-and-play compatibility with OpenPlotter system.

High-sensitivity dual channel AIS receiver with SMA antenna connector

Sensitivity: -112 dBm min.

High-performance GNSS receiver

Integrated patch antenna plus support for external antenna via BNC connector

Standalone usage or in combination with Raspberry Pi

Fully compatible with Raspberry Pi models supporting 40-pin IO header

3 status LEDs

AIS status, GNSS status, Error

Navigate with OpenPlotter

OpenPlotter makes an integrated Open-Source chart-plotter and navigation platform running on a Raspberry Pi. It is based on the well-known OpenCPN software. You may use OpenPlotter in a headless mode as well – access OpenPlotter desktop from the cockpit through your mobile devices.

Technical Specification

  • Supply voltage: 3.135 V min., 3.465 V max.
  • Current consumption: 185 mA
  • Operating temperature range: -20 – 65 °C
  • Dimensions: 69×57 mm
  • Weight: 39g
  • Interface (as seen from Raspberry Pi):  SPI
  • Input Frequency: 161.975 / 162.025 MHz
  • Input Sensitivity: < -112 dBm
  • Output Data Rate: 9600 bits/s
    Packet Interval: 37.5 Hz
  • BT: 0.5
  • Interface (as seen from Raspberry Pi): SPI
  • Data Rate: 9600 bits/s
    Packet Interval: 1 Hz
  • Channels: Acquisition: 99; Tracking: 33
  • Supported Satellite Systems: GPS, GLONASS, QZSS
  • Sensitivity: Acquisition: -148 dBm; Tracking: -165 dBm

Firmware and Drivers

Find Firmware and Drivers for Raspberry Pi Moitessier HAT on GitHub

You will find all related source code on GitHub: Moitessier HAT source code on GitHub

The respository consists of several submodules that include the following:

  • Linux device driver to communicate with the HAT
  • User tools/applications to configure the operation mode and to update the firmware of the HAT
  • Firmware of the HAT microcontroller
  • Device tree and appropriate tools to write the ID EEPROM

Each submodules includes a file for detailed information.

Stay tuned

We will provide pre-compiled packages for download. Soon.

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