A field test was carried out in Italy to test the performance of the Moitessier HAT under real conditions.
The system was installed on the shore, whereby a clip dipole antenna (CDV-H7) was mounted  about 3 to 4 meters above sea level. To power the system a rechargeable battery and a 12V/5V converter was used.
On the Raspberry Pi an OpenPlotter image was running, whereby it was used as headless system were no display, no keyboard and no mouse was attached. OpenPlotter was streaming the data via Wi-Fi to an iPad running iNavX.

The results are quite impressive. AIS class A targets where received up to 58 NM, AtoNs and reference points up to 490 NM. Watch the video below to see how fast and how many targets are received.

Tips to improve reception performance:


  • Use low-noise and high-quality converters
  • Mount the antenna as high as possible above sea level
  • Avoid noisy sources next to the receiver
  • Use AIS antennas only
  • Keep antenna cables as short as possible and use low-loss cables
  • Place AIS antenna as far away as possible from other radio equipment

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