Moitestessier HAT I+II driver updates


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geronius asked 2 years ago

Hi, I am aware of rooco having stopped its business. Very sad.
Nevertheless as a user of moitessier hat I want to keep it running as it’s a very reliable piece of hardware. It should not end up as a brick.

The HAT was advertised as Open Source, implying that users (in worst case) will not be left alone without software to operate. Unfortunately I still see no way to build my own FW drivers, as neither sources nor build instructions are available on github.
Latest drivers available are built for kernel 5.10.63. As of today, kernel 5.10.103 is required to run an up to date system.
So please, either provide sources & instructions (as announced) or continue to provide driver packages.
Thank you

1 Answers
Thomas Staff answered 2 years ago

Hello Michael
you’ll find any required information to build from sources on github and in our user guide available at

A package for the newest kernel is already available, but our build system has not been updated for automatic source compilation yet. This might take some time, as the distribution has changed as well. If you require the package right now, I could send you an unofficial release via e-mail to be used for bullseye. Just tell me which Pi version you are using and if you require 32 or 64 bit.


geronius replied 2 years ago

Thanks, Thomas, I very much appreciate your response. I am currently not planning a move to bullseye, as too many other components aren’t ready so far. 103 is just fine for me.

I missed the compilation instructions given in the user guide – I was just looking into My bad. If the need arises, I will try it next time.



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